published by Classic Motorbooks
144 pages with lots of cool photos!

Table of Contents

Chapt 1. Getting Acquainted
Chapt 2. Know the Right Terms
Chapt 3. Getting the Right Fit
Chapt 4. Getting to Know the Controls
Chapt 5.Getting to Know Your Car
Chapt 6. Getting to Know Yourself
Chapt 7. Getting Behind the Wheel
Chapt 8. Getting to Know the Road
Chapt 9. Getting to Know Trouble
Chapt 10. Getting into Racing
Chapt 11. Getting a Sponsor
Chapt 12. Positive Tips From Bob

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Selected Book Reviews

Mike Ancas, senior editor at Grassroots Motorsports Magazine and
author of the Honda and Acura Performance Handbook and RX-7 Performance Handbook:

This is the book to learn how to drive your car fast on the track. The tips I picked up also helped with my street driving. Bob Bondurant is the master of high speed driving, and this book is easy to understand and a lot cheaper than going to a driver's school. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to learn how to get better control of their car.

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