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Schedule a Dyno Day for your club or friends
(only 2 cars are needed to get this special price)


Where: Speednation Central: 228 Route 980, McDonald, PA
When: any day of the week -, 11:00 AM-7:00 PM
(rain or shine - dyno is INDOORS in a heated garage)
Cost: $65.00 per person

What do you get for $65.00?

* 10 runs on the dyno, with some time in between to do some tweaking
(but bring your own tools! - 45 minute time limit for this special rate)
(Dyno runs can include1/4 mile and 0-60 runs, plus a parasitic measurement run)
* 10% off everything in the shop (plastic and diecast models, t-shirts, books, etc.)

Individual rates are $75.00, unless you bring a friend.
For 2 or more people, dyno time is only $65 each

Other dynos charge up to $150 for 2 or 3 runs, and can't do 1/4 mile and 0-60 runs

Check out the new issue of Chevy High Performance Mazazine to read more about our Dyno and why it is so much better than the old Dyno Jet machines.

Speednation’s brand new, $40,000+ indoor dyno can do things that no other dyno can. The dual rollers require such little force to spin, you can turn all 4 rollers, as well as the giant PAU magnet and 350 lb. flywheel with just one finger!! Because of this, it can easily record accurate 0-60, 0-100 and 1/4 mile drag times. It will also do speedometer calibration, constant speed or constant force runs (to help diagnose problems that occur at a certain speed or load), plus more!! The dyno is also above ground so you can get underneath your car to diagnose vibrations in the drive train. The possibilities are endless!. One customer, after his first dyno run, removed his exhaust from the cat back (while still on the dyno) to see what gain in HP could be achieved)

PLUS, you can get your name posted on the "Speednation Wall of Fame"
Categories are:
Best 0-60 MPH times
Fastest 1/4 mile drag times
Most horsepower for an alteredimport
Most HP for a normally aspirated import

Most horsepower for an altered domestic
Most HP for a normally aspirated domestic

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Also, how do you decide when to shift your tranny when you are trying to dust that guy next to you at the red light? Do you go by engine sound, RPM, redline? These techniques make no sense because they aren’t based on when your engine is pulling the most torque. In just 5 minutes, you can find out where your optimal shift points really are to further reduce your 1/4 mile, autocross, and road race times

All interested car owners need to preregister by phone
Call 724-926-3735 to reserve your space!
or Email Us to make arrangements


Brian from Speed of Sound makes adjustments to his AEM cam gears between dyno runs - and finds 5 horsepower! Dyno master, Dennis Witt, and Brian Doucette analyze torque curves, while Scott Lear (left) contemplates the meaning of life


From North Hills: take 79 S to Rt. 60 exit to Airport. Follow 60 W toward Weirton and the Post gazette Pavillion. Take Rt. 980 S at McDonald exit. Follow Rt. 980 through McDonald, turn right at the light (still following Route 980), then past Family Dollar. At Citgo Station, slow down & turn right at the 2nd driveway (last one before you go up the hill. We are in the back (A-frame house) - you will see a 3-car garage with a Speednation sign on it. There is a "Honda Racing Team" mailbox right at the entrance to the paved driveway. We are in the back (A-frame house) you will see a 3-car garage and Speednation sign.

From Pittsburgh: take the Parkway West toward the airport. Exit at Rt. 22/30 by Robinson Towne Center as if you were going to Weirton or to the Post Gazette Pavilion. Then follow the directions above

From South Hills: go to Bridgeville where Rt. 79 intersects with Rt. 50 (Burgunder Dodge), just south of the Kirwin Heights exit. Take Rt. 50 W toward Cecil. When 4 lanes merge into 2, you have 2.8 miles until you turn right onto Rt. 980 N. Go another 3.2 miles, the last part of which is down a long twisty hill into McDonald. We’re the first driveway on the left There is a "Honda Racing Team" mailbox right at the entrance to the paved driveway. We are in the back (A-frame house) you will see a 3-car garage and Speednation sign.

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