The Mazda Miata
Performance Handbook

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Mike Ancas, author of the Honda and Acura Performance Handbook and Mazda RX-7 Performance Handbook: This is a must have book for anyone who owns a Miata. It could save you some big money in the long run, helping you to avoid modifications that just don't work for your application. I couldn't have done a better job myself!
I have read Norms book cover to cover so many times it's starting to curl. By following Norm's advise I have turned a 91 AUTOMATIC into a screaming 5 speed with 8 lb. flywheel, kevlar clutch, j.r. header and cay, supertrap exhaust racing beat intake and springs, kyb agx shocks and a hard dog rollbar, his advise on tuning alignments and general setup has transformed a very mild street car into a very competive solo race car. If you have a miata you NEED this book - Lisa A Langland

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