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145950sm.jpg BMW Racing Cars 328 to LeMans V12 by Karl Ludvigsen
$29.95 $24.95 On Sale!
128 Pages of amazing cars in competition, featuring some of the most famous BMWs in history.
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133406sm.jpg BMW 3-Series Collectors Guide 1975-1992
$19.95 $15.95 On Sale!
Covers every BMW 3-Series, from the economical 318 to the race-bred M3 Evolution, and all variations -- two-doors, four-doors, five-doors and cabriolets -- are featured. 128 Pages with 132 photos.
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143386sm.jpg 101 Performance Projects for Your BMW 3 Series 1982-2000
$34.95 $28.95 On Sale!
101 Performance Projects for Your BMW 3-Series presents all the necessary information, covers all the pitfalls, and assesses all the costs associated with performing an expansive array of weekend projects.
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BM5GPsm.jpg BMW M5 Gold Portfolio book 1980-2003
$32.95 $26.95 On Sale!
This compilation of articles from leading automotive magazines includes new model introductions, road and comparison tests, and full performance and technical data. Models covered: E12 M535i, E28 M535i & M5, E34 M5 3.5 & 3.8, and E39 M5. 160 pages, approx. 100 color and 150 black and white photos.
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BM3UPsm.jpg BMW M3 Ultimate Portfolio book 1986-2006
$37.95 $31.95 On Sale!
This portfolio of leading automotive magazine articles includes road, comparison, and long-term tests, new model introductions, and performance and technical data. Models covered: M3, E30, E36, E46, Coupe, Convertible, Racing, and Saloon. 200 pages, approx. 100 color and 200 black and white photos.
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z3rtbooksm.jpg Road and Track BMW Z3 M Coupes & Roadsters 1996-2002
$19.95 $16.95 On Sale!
Road & comparison tests, new model reports, technical & performance data. Includes 120 pages of articles from Road and Track.
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books/ACFA06Asm.jpg BMW 3 Series Gold Portfolio 1991-1997
$32.95 $26.95 On Sale!
Road & comparison test, specifications, new model intros, used car guide and performance data. Includes information on Club Sport, Touring, 316,318, 320, 323, 325, 328, M3 and Coupe. 172 pgs.
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books/BMW9GPsm.jpg BMW 5 Series Gold Portfolio 1988-1995
$32.95 $26.95 On Sale!
Road and comparison test, new model intros, specs, buying used, and performance data. Coverage includes B10 Turbo Alpina, 520, 525, 530, 535, 540, M5, and Touring. 172 pgs.
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BM6UPsm.jpg BMW 6 Series Ultimate Portfolio
$37.95 $29.95 On Sale!
Covers the BMW 6 Series from 1976 through 1989, including the 630CSi, 633CSi, 635CSi, 628CSi, Alpina and M635CSi. 216 pages.
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books/BM7SPPsm.jpg BMW 7 Series Performance Portfolio 1986-1993
$24.95 $19.95 On Sale!
Road and comparison test, specs, buying guide, long-term reports, and performance data. Covers Straight-six, V8 and V12 models. 136 pgs.
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books/BM7PPsm.jpg BMW 7 Series Performance Portfolio 1977-1986
$24.95 $19.95 On Sale!
Road and comparison test, specs, buying secondhand, long-term reports, and performance data. Covers Alpina B10, 728, 728i, 730, 732i, 733i, 735i, 735iSE, 745, and Automatic. 140 pgs.
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books/BMW69Gsm.jpg BMW Six Cylinder Coupes & Saloons Gold Portfolio 1969-1976
$32.95 $26.95 On Sale!
Road and comparison test, specifications, new model intros, owner survey. Cover Coupes: 2800CS, 3.0, CS, CSi, CSL; Saloons: 2500, 2800, 3.0, Bavaria. 172 pgs.
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books/BMW02sm.jpg BMW 2002 - A Comprehensive Guide To The Classic Sporting Saloon
The history of the 2002 68 to 76, selling the 2002, press reports, a buyers guide, running a 2002, beneficial modifications, restoring a 2002, the 2002 in competition, technical specs, and more.
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books/BMW02Rsm.jpg BMW 2002 Restoration Guide by Mike Macartney
Now out of print, we only have a few left. Covering the 1600 to 2002 turbo models from the mid-Sixties to the mid-Seventies. Detailed information on restoring body-work, chassis, engine and trim, etc. plus production changes, color schemes, and history. 224 pages!
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books/BMW6GPsm.jpg BMW 320-323-325 Gold Portfolio 1977-1990
$32.95 $26.95 On Sale!
Covers 6 cylinder cars. Collection of 54 articles on tech. data, road & comparison tests, long-term reports & owner survey. Models covered: 320, 320i, 323i, 325e, 325i, 325es, 325ix, H35, 333i, Alpina C2, B6S, M3. 180 pgs., 300 illus.
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books/BM8PPsm.jpg BMW 8 Series Performance Portfolio
$24.95 $19.95 On Sale!
A collection of 34 articles covering the 850, i, Ci, SCi, 840, Ci, Alpina B12, 4.0, 4.4, 5.0, 5.6, & 5.7.
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bookSolo.gif Secrets of Solo Racing
$14.95 $12.95 On Sale!
by Henry Watts. No cool photos - just cool information. Even though this book was written over a decade ago, the information is timeless. Don't just sit there - go racing!
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TrackDayDriverGuideSM.gif Track Day Driver's Guide Book
$23.95 $19.95 On Sale!
A more complete or comprehensive track day guide simply does not exist. Art Markus presents information in a style that is useful, clear and concise. 144 pages over 80 illustrations - click for more info.
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142994sm.jpg Danica Patrick: America's Hottest Racer FULL COLOR book
$14.95 $4.95 On Sale!
This 120 page full color book offers a close-up look at Danica Patrick, from her early ambitions (she moved to England at 16 to advance her racing career) to the mishaps that cost her first place at the 2005 Indy 500, to the growing successes of her IRL racing accomplishments.
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144201sm.jpg Autocross Performance Handbook
Author and autocross addict Richard Newton has covered every aspect of autocross from car and class selection to setup and driving.
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books/SA126sm.jpg High-Performance Brake Systems: Design, Selection, and Installation
$24.95 $19.95 On Sale!
This book includes chapters on each major part of the brake system, as well as chapters on upgrades for hot rods, muscle cars, sports cars, and racecars. 144 pgs. 330+ color photos
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131217sm.jpg Buyer's Guide for Modern Sports and GT cars
$18.95 $9.95 On Sale!
The Illustrated Buyer's Guide for Modern Sports and GT cars under $20,000. Excellent book to help you decide, and then buy a cool sports car. Written by Matt Stone, 160 pages long with tons of photos. Click for more information and larger photos.
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walkedawaySM.gif and They Walked Away
$24.95 $19.95 On Sale!
...and They Walked Away: The B-I-G Accidents and the Drivers Who Lived to Tell the Tale by Bruce Jones This book honors the skill of the engineers, and the courage of the drivers. It is a photographic celebration of the competitors' ability to survive some of the most spectacular and terrifying accidents in sports. Click for more information and a larger photo.
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130131sm.jpg Route 66 book by Tim Steil
$14.95 $11.95 On Sale!
A unique look at motels, service stations, restaurants, truck stops, and museums, and the colorful folks who continue to whittle out a livelihood along Route 66. Click the image for more details.
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135809sm.jpg Speed Secrets 2 - More Professional Race Driving Techniques
$17.95 $14.95 On Sale!
Discover the secrets that will make you a faster and more successful racecar driver with this up-to-date insight into the latest techniques in racing. Click for bigger photo.
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129807sm.jpg Speed Secrets 3 - Inner Speed Secrets
$17.95 $14.95 On Sale!
Maximize your driving ability with tips from the experts! Click for bigger photo.
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144213sm.jpg How to Use Automotive Diagnostic Scanners
$29.95 $22.95 On Sale!
From hand-held, dedicated units to software that turns PCs and Palm Pilots into powerful diagnostic scanners, auto enthusiasts today have a variety of methods available to make use of on-board diagnostic systems. And not only can they be used to diagnose operational faults, they can be used as low-budget data acquistion systems and dynamometers, so you can maximize your vehicle's performance.
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sa179sm.jpg Rebuilding Any Automotive Engine Step by Step Videobook
$39.95 $32.95 On Sale!
This is a real book that also comes with a 3 hour DVD videobook! Rebuilding an automotive engine isn't out of reach for the enthusiast or aspiring mechanic. With the proper tools, workshop, and information, you can rebuild any automotive engine, and Rebuilding Any Automotive Engine: Step-by-Step Videobook will expertly guide you through each step of the entire job.
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140307sm.jpg Modern GT Racing: Today's Fastest Cars on the World's Greatest Tracks
$50.00 $39.95 On Sale!
Rare, out of print, HARDCOVER book depicting the full-race versions of the world's most iconic production cars from Ferrari, Maserati, Aston Martin, Corvette, and Porsche. This book takes you to the world's most famous racetracks, where these fantastic machines face off. Places like Le Mans, Sebring, Daytona, Road America, Laguna Seca and more. 192 pages with some amazing color photos!
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