Mustang Chassis Dyno
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1409 McClellantown Road
McClellantown (near Uniontown) PA 15458

Call for an appointment at 724-737-5088

Dyno rates are $85.00 for up to 5 runs (30 min time limit)
or $125/hr. We have a 3hr. package available for $350

Did you get an unfair speeding ticket?
We can check and certify your speedometer
which may help in reducing your fines and points

Check out the August 2003 issue of Chevy High Performance Mazazine to read more about our Dyno and why it is so much better than the old Dyno Jet machines.

Rodeheaver's Mustang dyno can do things that other dynos can't. The dual rollers require such little force to spin, you can turn all 4 rollers, as well as the giant PAU magnet and 350 lb. flywheel with just one finger!! Because of this, it can easily record accurate 0-60, 0-100 and 1/4 mile drag times. It will also do speedometer calibration, constant speed or constant force runs (to help diagnose problems that occur at a certain speed or load), plus more!! The possibilities are endless!


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Mustang chassis dyno performance tuning