books/rx7booknewSM.jpg Mazda RX-7 Performance Handbook by Mike Ancas
Amazon is selling new copies for $600 each. Only 4 new copies remain on the planet, so once they sell out, that will be it - forever. Of course your copy will be signed by the author. For 1st, 2nd and 3rd Generation Mazda RX-7 cars. You won't find any of the advertising-driven hype you read in magazines. Find out the truth about rotary performance!
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199762sm.jpg Mazda MX-5 Miata Essential Buyer's Guide
$19.95 $15.95 On Sale!
This book will tell you want to look for in your search for a used Miata.
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147269sm.jpg How to Build a High-Performance Mazda Miata MX-5 by Keith Tanner
$29.95 $24.95 On Sale!
This book will guide you through how to best modify your car to suit your needs, starting with an explanation on how everything works and how the various parts will interact. You'll not only learn what upgrades will help you reach your goals, but also how to adjust or modify what you have to make your car work at its best.
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136332sm.jpg Mazda Miata MX-5 Performance Projects book by Keith Tanner
$21.95 $17.95 On Sale!
This book provides specific how-to instructions through approximately 35 projects that include both maintenance and modification procedures. Each project is treated separately, giving readers very specific information about the commitment in time, tools, money, and talent for each project.
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144205sm.jpg Mazda Miata MX-5: Find It. Fix It. Trick It.
$25.95 $19.95 On Sale!
This book shows readers how to make the most of any Miata: what to look for in a used model and how to perform common maintenance and repairs, as well as over 15 projects to improve performance and appearance. Focusing on the engine, wheels and tires, suspension, body kits, interior, and more, the projects include full details on required parts, cost, time, tools, and skill necessary for completion.
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124324sm.jpg Mazda Miata MX-5 Gold Portfolio book 1989-1997
Extremely hard to find! There are only a few left on the planet - and we have them. We imported them directly from the publisher (Brooklands Books) in the U.K. They are out of print - get one while we still have stock.
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MZ98PPsm.gif Mazda MX-5 Miata Performance Portfolio 1998-2005
Only a few left in print. This portfolio of articles from leading automotive magazines covers the MX-5, 1.6i, 1.8i & Sport, LS, Turbocharged, SP, SVT, Mazdaspeed, & Anniversary Edition from 1998 to 2005. Click for more info.
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135510sm.jpg Road and Track Mazda Miata MX-5 1989-2002 Portfolio book
Road & comparison tests, new model reports, technical & performance data. Includes 128 pages of articles from Road and Track.
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nsubooksm.jpg NSU Ro80 Limited Edition Book
$19.95 $16.95 On Sale!
The first of the Wankel engines were produced as outboard motors in the mid-fifties. In 1963 the engine was put into a small sports car and later came the Mazda Cosmo Twin-rotor GT. This book charts this car from its introduction in 1967. Click for more info.
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fastfuriousbooksm.gif The Cars of the Fast and the Furious
$19.95 $7.95 On Sale!
Super Sale! NO ONE had this book in stock before we did. didn't even have the cover right (and they are more expensive than we are). 127 full color pages with some how-to tips. Click for more photos and information.
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gt3bookSM.jpg The Cars of Gran Turismo book
$14.95 $5.95 On Sale!
Huge sale. We made a power buy, and passsed the saving on to you. Makes a great gift - no one will know how little you paid for it. This book is a must have for all Gran Turismo Sony Playstation GT3 fans. It has 96 pages with 80 color photos. Learn about the real cars that the video game is based upon, and get a behind the scenes look at the actual cars.
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142994sm.jpg Danica Patrick: America's Hottest Racer FULL COLOR book
$14.95 $4.95 On Sale!
This 120 page full color book offers a close-up look at Danica Patrick, from her early ambitions (she moved to England at 16 to advance her racing career) to the mishaps that cost her first place at the 2005 Indy 500, to the growing successes of her IRL racing accomplishments.
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144201sm.jpg Autocross Performance Handbook
Author and autocross addict Richard Newton has covered every aspect of autocross from car and class selection to setup and driving.
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131217sm.jpg Buyer's Guide for Modern Sports and GT cars
$18.95 $9.95 On Sale!
The Illustrated Buyer's Guide for Modern Sports and GT cars under $20,000. Excellent book to help you decide, and then buy a cool sports car. Written by Matt Stone, 160 pages long with tons of photos. Click for more information and larger photos.
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140442sm.jpg Nitrous Oxide Performance Handbook by Jeff Hartman
Everything you need to know about choosing and installing a nitrous system on your car or truck.
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books/SA126sm.jpg High-Performance Brake Systems: Design, Selection, and Installation
$24.95 $19.95 On Sale!
This book includes chapters on each major part of the brake system, as well as chapters on upgrades for hot rods, muscle cars, sports cars, and racecars. 144 pgs. 330+ color photos
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walkedawaySM.gif and They Walked Away
$24.95 $19.95 On Sale!
...and They Walked Away: The B-I-G Accidents and the Drivers Who Lived to Tell the Tale by Bruce Jones This book honors the skill of the engineers, and the courage of the drivers. It is a photographic celebration of the competitors' ability to survive some of the most spectacular and terrifying accidents in sports. Click for more information and a larger photo.
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130131sm.jpg Route 66 book by Tim Steil
$14.95 $11.95 On Sale!
A unique look at motels, service stations, restaurants, truck stops, and museums, and the colorful folks who continue to whittle out a livelihood along Route 66. Click the image for more details.
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128080sm.jpg How to Restore Your Collector Car
$29.95 $22.95 On Sale!
Following the popular first edition, this all-Color edition features updated chapters that reflect the changes and advances in products, techniques and laws. This hands-on guide covers all major restoration processes in an easy-to-understand, easy-to-use format. Expert chapters explain tasks such as degreasing, welding, metal repair, electrics, painting, and more. Step-by-step color photos help you restore it right and save money too!
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135809sm.jpg Speed Secrets 2 - More Professional Race Driving Techniques
$17.95 $14.95 On Sale!
Discover the secrets that will make you a faster and more successful racecar driver with this up-to-date insight into the latest techniques in racing. Click for bigger photo.
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129807sm.jpg Speed Secrets 3 - Inner Speed Secrets
$17.95 $14.95 On Sale!
Maximize your driving ability with tips from the experts! Click for bigger photo.
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136290sm.jpg Drag Racing Basics by Cindy Crawford
$24.95 $19.45 On Sale!
Drag Racing Basics, Christmas Tree to Finish Line has something for all drag racing enthusiasts. Click the photo for more details!
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137305sm.jpg Pro Sports Car Racing in America
We only have 2 BRAND NEW copies left - it is out of print and selling on Amazon for over $60 used. What was it really like to thread a factory-sponsored Porsche 917 or Ferrari 512 through the corkscrew at Riverside or to tromp the brake on a factory McLaren at the last possible deep spot of the Canadian Corner at Road America?. Few are fortunate to know first-hand, but for the rest, Dave Friedmans photography straps you in the drivers seat. More than 300 photos, many in color, relive the fastest, hottest, most intense racing in American history.
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sportscarscoversm.gif Complete Book of Sports Cars
$19.98 $15.95 On Sale!
50 Years of Classic Sports Cars features 112 cars from the post-World War II era up to the present day. Superb photographs display the most stunning machines of the last few years, from the Porsche 911 Turbo, Jaguar XKR and Ferrari 260 Modena to the Ford Cougar, TVR Tuscan Speed Six and Shelby Series 1.
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books/LEMR83sm.jpg LeMans The Porsche & Jaguar Years 1983-1991
Extremely hard to find! We imported them directly from the publisher (Brooklands Books) in the U.K. 38 contemporary race reports from leading British and American journals covers the great Porsche, Jaguary, Sauber/Mercedes, and Mazda wins. 172 pgs. Sftbd.
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136272sm.jpg How to Tune and Modify Engine Management Systems
$29.95 $22.95 On Sale!
Drawing on a wealth of knowledge and experience and a background of more than 1,000 magazine articles on the subject, engine control expert Jeff Hartman explains everything from the basics of engine management to the building of complicated project cars.
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