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135132sm.jpg Porsche Legends by Randy Leffingwell
Stunning color photographs, rare archival images and detailed technical specifications superbly recount the epic story of Ferdinand Porsche and the famous automobiles he created. Click for a larger photo!
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bookPorsche911projectssm.gif Porsche 101 Projects for the 911 by Wayne Dempsey
$34.95 $29.95 On Sale!
NEW Edition. A must have book if you own a 1965-89 Porsche 911. You won't believe the detail and photos in this great "how-to" guide
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boxsterbooksm.jpg 101 Projects for Your Porsche Boxster by Wayne Dempsey
$34.95 $29.95 On Sale!
This book is aimed at those owners of Boxsters who want to improve their machines while avoiding thousands of dollars in mechanic’s costs. Clearly and simply written, with straightforward illustrations, this manual offers 101 projects to help you modify, maintain, and enhance your Porsche. This book is heavy - 312 pages!
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porschedrivingsm.jpg Porsche High-Performance Driving Handbook by Vic Elford
$29.95 $24.95 On Sale!
This book, by the world’s foremost expert, takes that new technology into account as it gives readers the latest information on how to drive a Porsche to its limit. 176 pages.
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porscheperformancesm.jpg Porsche 911 Performance Handbook 1963-1998 3rd Edition by Bruce Anderson
$34.95 $29.95 On Sale!
The best guide I have ever seen for tuning your 911. Don't believe all the hype you read in the magazines - this book tell you the real truth about what works and what doesn't. Covers all models thru 1998. This book is thick and heavy - 304 pages!
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porsche911buyersguideSM.gif Porsche 911 Buyer's Guide by Randy Leffingwell
$24.95 $18.95 On Sale!
Randy Leffingwell just finished this great NEW book to help in the buying of a Porsche 911. Also a great book for all 911 owners - lots of useful information and COLOR PHOTOS! The dozens of 911 Centerfolds are beautiful and present facts in a unique way You won't be disappointed. 255 pages.
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porsche911bookBBsm.gif Road and Track Porsche 911 Performance Portfolio
$19.95 $13.95 On Sale!
This performance portfolio includes reprints of articles published by Road and Track Magazine over the past 7 years. Lots of color and black and white photos, plus excellent articles and stats, including road tests of all 1990-1997 Porsche 911 cars. Approx. 140 pages.
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911PO90UPsm.gif Porsche 911 Ultimate Portfolio 1990-1997
$37.95 $29.95 On Sale!
This is a pictorial history of the 911 as depicted in the media. There are also long term reports, preview articles, owner surveys, and articles on how to buy a used 911. They are a must have for any true Porsche 911 enthusiast. If you missed all the 911 articles that appeared in Road and Track, Car and Driver, or many of the other automotive magazines, now is your chance to see them all again in one book! Covers Turbo, S2, GT1, GT2, Carrera, RS America, and more.
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porsche924goldbookSM.gif Porsche 924 Gold Portfolio Book
$32.95 $19.95 On Sale!
Extremely hard to find! We imported them directly from the publisher (Brooklands Books) in the U.K. They are out of print - get one while we still have stock. This one covers the 1975-88 Porsche 924 including the "S". Click for more info
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porsche928bookBBsm.gif Road and Track Porsche 928 Performance Portfolio
This performance portfolio includes reprints of articles published by Road and Track Magazine over the past 17 years. Lots of color and black and white photos, plus excellent articles and stats, including road tests of all 1977-1994 Porsche 928 cars. Approx. 140 pages.
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porscheboxsterCTsm.gif Porsche Boxster ColorTech History Book by John Lamm
$19.95 $14.95 On Sale!
Great full color book covering the history and development of the cool Porsche Boxster. Written by John Lamm and published by Motorbooks International, this is one great looking book.
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books/ACF17F5sm.jpg Road & Track On Porsche 1972-1975
$19.95 $16.95 On Sale!
910, 911E, 911S, 914/4, 914/6, 914 2.0, 916, Carrera RS, 917-10, Carrara, RSR, Turbo Carrera. 88 pgs., approx. 180 illus.
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books/LEMR83sm.jpg LeMans The Porsche & Jaguar Years 1983-1991
Extremely hard to find! We imported them directly from the publisher (Brooklands Books) in the U.K. 38 contemporary race reports from leading British and American journals covers the great Porsche, Jaguary, Sauber/Mercedes, and Mazda wins. 172 pgs. Sftbd.
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145944sm.jpg Penske Racing Team 40 Years of Excellence by Alan Hummel
$24.95 $19.95 On Sale!
This Hardcover book documents the fascinating history of the Penske organization, focusing on the talented drivers and innovative engineering that have been responsible for the teams spectacular and enduring success. It also highlights the key events that have defined American motorsports during this timeframe.
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140307sm.jpg Modern GT Racing: Today's Fastest Cars on the World's Greatest Tracks
$50.00 $39.95 On Sale!
Rare, out of print, HARDCOVER book depicting the full-race versions of the world's most iconic production cars from Ferrari, Maserati, Aston Martin, Corvette, and Porsche. This book takes you to the world's most famous racetracks, where these fantastic machines face off. Places like Le Mans, Sebring, Daytona, Road America, Laguna Seca and more. 192 pages with some amazing color photos!
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144201sm.jpg Autocross Performance Handbook
Author and autocross addict Richard Newton has covered every aspect of autocross from car and class selection to setup and driving.
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142994sm.jpg Danica Patrick: America's Hottest Racer FULL COLOR book
$14.95 $4.95 On Sale!
This 120 page full color book offers a close-up look at Danica Patrick, from her early ambitions (she moved to England at 16 to advance her racing career) to the mishaps that cost her first place at the 2005 Indy 500, to the growing successes of her IRL racing accomplishments.
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bookSolo.gif Secrets of Solo Racing
$14.95 $12.95 On Sale!
by Henry Watts. No cool photos - just cool information. Even though this book was written over a decade ago, the information is timeless. Don't just sit there - go racing!
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TrackDayDriverGuideSM.gif Track Day Driver's Guide Book
$23.95 $19.95 On Sale!
A more complete or comprehensive track day guide simply does not exist. Art Markus presents information in a style that is useful, clear and concise. 144 pages over 80 illustrations - click for more info.
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131217sm.jpg Buyer's Guide for Modern Sports and GT cars
$18.95 $9.95 On Sale!
The Illustrated Buyer's Guide for Modern Sports and GT cars under $20,000. Excellent book to help you decide, and then buy a cool sports car. Written by Matt Stone, 160 pages long with tons of photos. Click for more information and larger photos.
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