Best Motoring DVD #6: THE 350Z SHOCK

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The latest Best Motoring DVD is titled: THE 350Z SHOCK. Must viewing for all Nissan 350Z fans, but highly features Altezza, Skyline, Silvia (S14 and S15), Supra, RX-7, Civic and Euro Accord.

BEST MOTORING DVD #6: THE 350Z SHOCK *Winding Road Impression *High Speed Stability Check *Drift/VDC Test *Technical Overview *Tsukuba Battle Featured cars : 350Z, Boxster, M3, S2000, Skyline GT-R NA on the RUN Featured cars : Amuse S2000, Techno Pro Spirit MR-S, Champ S14 Silvia, Keioffice S15 Silvia, TRD Altezza 2 Liter VTEC Challenge Featured cars : Phase Accord Euro R, Esprit EK9 Civic, Amuse S2000 TOUGE SHOWDOWN 2 Featured cars : Skyline GT-R, AE86, Champ S14 Silvia, Circuit Club ITR Keioffice S15 Silvia, Techno Pro Spirit MR-S BONUS FOOTAGE:Behind the scenes from TOUGE SHOWDOWN 2 Running Time : approx 85 mins, in DVD only (All Regions) With English subtitles and narrations.
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