Honda and Acura Performance Handbook Volume 1

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Honda and Acura Performance Handbook VOLUME 1 first edition by Mike Ancas

Do you believe this price!!! We can offer this great price because WE WROTE the book. This is the best selling Honda book of all time. This volume focuses on the 1984-1999 Hondas and Acuras, plus it will be signed by the author.

This is the best selling Honda book of all time, for good reason. You won't find any of the advertising-driven hype you read in magazines. We have our own dyno and have tested every performance product. Some work, but most don't. Find out the truth!

There are hundreds of bolt-on performance parts available for your Civic, CRX, Accord, Prelude, Del Sol, Integra, NSX, TL & CL, but how do you know what works, and what doesn't? Are the big ticket items worth the price? Not always. Can you get significant increases in performance and handling without spending a fortune? You bet! Even novice mechanics will be able to take advantage of these dyno-tested tips on how to get the most out of your car (we have our own dyno). Whether you're interested in a more competent street machine, or want to turn your car into a weekend racer, our tips will help guide you to meet your performance goals.
Warning: This book is not filled with boring technical information. It's designed for weekend mechanics by weekend mechanics. If we can do it, you can do it!

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