and They Walked Away

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...and They Walked Away: The B-I-G Accidents and the Drivers Who Lived to Tell the Tale by Bruce Jones

Motor racing is the most glamorous, most dangerous sport in the world, which is why millions around the globe watch it live on TV if they cannot get to the circuit. The compulsion to be the fastest often pushes drivers past the edge of safety, sometimes with tragic consequences. Advanced construction techniques have made Formula 1 cars strong enough to enable drivers to survive high-speed, multi-car crashes. This book honors the skill of the engineers, and the courage of the drivers. It is a photographic celebration of the competitors' ability to survive some of the most spectacular and terrifying accidents in sports. This book brings together a collection of spectacular incidents from which drivers emerged without injury. From Luciano Burti barrel-rolling at the start of the Formula 1 German Grand Prix in 2001, to many a crash-strewn national event …and they walked away! offers a selective journey through the sport's closest escapes. Paperback • 8-1/4” x 10-5/8” • 160 pp • 200 color

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