Builder's Guide to Bolt-Together Street Rods

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Builder's Guide to Bolt-Together Street Rods by Bruce Caldwell

Twenty years ago, building a street rod required serious fabrication skills, more tools than most pro shops had, and a lot of time spent building, adapting, repairing and modifying parts to fit.
That's all changed.
The street rod industry has made it simple with reproduction bodies, ready-to-run crate motors, pre-fabricated rolling chassis, and plug-and-play wiring kits. As a result, today's street rodder can build a car with a one-stall garage, basic hand tools, a credit card, and a list of toll-free numbers for a couple dozen parts suppliers.
This book guides the "wannabe" street rod builder through the process of choosing, planning, and building his or her first street rod project, including detailed info on selecting engines, drivetrains, suspensions, accessories, and even what colors to consider. It's an invaluable guide for helping first-time street rodders build a safe, reliable and fun street rod.

sftbnd. 128 pages, 250+ b/w photos
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