Hot Rod Magazine's Book on Camaro Performance 1989-1996

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Hot Rod Magazine's Book on Camaro Performance 1989-1996

Camaro Performance 1989-1996 Volume 3

The biggest thing Chevy has ever done...2 words from a car enthusiast, circa 1977, upon looking back at the first ten years of Camaro production. Coupled with Chevy1s famous small block V-8, the Camaro ranks as one of the most popular pony cars ever manufactured. Countless thousands have been modified, restored, upgraded, raced, shown, and in general, treated as highly desirable, functioning, works of art. Hot Rod Magazine has played a major role in presenting the Camaro to serious enthusiasts, and this book is packed with the best of that material. Sftbd 8-3/8 X 10-7/8 112 pages Heavily Illustrated Item #CT935 ISBN #1884089356

"Everything you want to know about muscle-building '89 - '96 Camaros is sandwiched into Camaro Performance '89-'96. Legendary Hot Rod editors have donated stories on how to be a Super Street contender, how to make an F-body handle, and many other priceless kernels of Camaro knowledge. CHP staffers reviewed the book and learned how to run 12.27s and still get 27 mpg. The book is a usefull resource for identifying and building third-and fourth- generation F-cars and only set us back $20." -- CHEVY HIGH PERFORMANCE

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