How to Hop Up and Customize your Harley-Davidson Bagger

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How to Hop Up and Customize your Harley-Davidson Bagger

Baggers donít have to be slow and they donít have to look like every other Dresser in the parking lot. Take your Bagger from slow to show with a few more cubic inches, a little paint and some well placed accessories. Written by well-known author Tim Remus, How to Hop-Up & Customize Your Bagger shows you how to upgrade the engine, lower the bike, and personalize the paint and sheet metal. Over 400 color images help explain exactly what it takes to install a set of springs in the front forks or re-program the fuel injection map. Sequences include: two engine upgrades to 95 cubic inches, conversion of a 2004 Standard from stock to custom (includes the addition of a flamed paint job laid out over the standard black urethane and installation of a lowering kit) and the make over of a second Bagger in the Klock Werks shop of Brian Klock. Whether youíre looking for additional power or more visual pizazz, the answers and ideas you need are contained in this new 144 page, all color book.

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