Mustang 1979-2004 Buyer's Guide by Brad Bowling

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Description: 1979-2004 Mustangs are some of the most popular and affordable performance cars available. With a huge aftermarket supplying everything from body panels to crate engines to suspension and handling mods, a motivated enthusiast can easily create the street machine of their dreams. On the other other, those less mechanically inclined can simply enjoy a fun stocker. The 1979 to 1993 Fox-platform Mustangs and their contemporary counterparts, the 1994-2001 Mustangs, are widely available, relatively inexpensive, and easy to work on. Mustang Buyer's Guide 1979-2004 will help you sort out the myriad diffenences over the past 25 years and ensure you buy the best car possible.

About the Author
Brad Bowling has been writing about and photographing Mustangs since 1985. He has been the editor of Mustang Times and associate editor of Mustang Illustrated. He lives with his wife, Heather, and their American Eskimo Dog in Concord, North Carolina.

Paperback 8-1/4 x 9 240 pp 200 color
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