The Greatest Movie Car Chases of All Time

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The Greatest Movie Car Chases of All Time - Author: Jesse Crosse Foreword by: Peter Yates, Director of Bullitt

“Cut to the chase,” we say when we’re ready for the payoff—and this book does exactly that. Beginning with the pacesetting automotive pyrotechnics first brought to the screen in Bullitt, Jesse Crosse shows us the world’s great filmmakers following suit—stretching creative talents, technology, budgets, and sometimes credibility to create the most amazing car chase sequences ever filmed. In a close-up look at the ten greatest car chases of all time, he uncovers the secrets behind the making of these sequences, gets the inside scoop from the moviemakers themselves, and picks a winner. A brilliantly illustrated thrill ride for car enthusiasts and moviegoers, this book is the first to treat the car chase as an art form in its own right—and to offer dizzying entertainment along the way. Format: Hardbound Pages: 176 Length: 8.25w x 10.625h ISBN: 0760324107 Catalog ID: 140455AP Steve McQueen Ford Mustang GT

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