Camaro: 40 Years by Darwin Holmstrom

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Camaro Forty Years by Darwin Holmstrom

This FULL COLOR HARDBOUND book features all of the great Camaros over its 40 year history. It is BIG and HEAVY - 348 pages with TONS of great color photos.

On the eve of the introduction of the first Camaro of the twenty-first century, this big book chronicles the rich history of an American muscle-car era icon. Here, accompanied by fabulous photographs of the models that made history, is the full story of Camaros forty years. Beginning with Chevrolets race in the Sixties to capture the emerging youth market, the book follows Chevrolets efforts to come up with a car that could out-muscle the Mustang.

The Camaro was that car, and in the years after its introduction in 1967, it set some of the most important performance marks in American automotive history. The classics of the muscle-car era are here--the RS, SS, Z/28, and IROC-Z--along with the models that jumpstarted a new era of American performance in the 1980s. In flashing color and fine detail, Camaro Forty Years captures the innovations and fierce competition, the changes in style and technology that make the story of this legendary car a part of the American automotive story--now opening a new chapter.

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