Rebuilding Any Automotive Engine Step by Step Videobook

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Rebuilding Any Automotive Engine Step by Step Videobook vy Barry Kluczyk

This is a real book that also comes with a 3 hour DVD videobook! Rebuilding an automotive engine isn't out of reach for the enthusiast or aspiring mechanic. With the proper tools, workshop, and information, you can rebuild any automotive engine, and Rebuilding Any Automotive Engine: Step-by-Step Videobook will expertly guide you through each step of the entire job. Automotive industry insider and former editor Barry Kluczyk explains each procedure in exceptional detail with clear photos that reveal vital information, so the novice builder can confidently build a reliable and strong-running engine. This step-by-step engine-building journey covers engine removal, disassembly and inspection, machine work, short-block and top-end assembly, start-up, tuning, break-in, performance upgrades, and more. With 400 photos, in-depth text, and captions, you can rebuild almost any engine, foreign or domestic, cam-in-block V-8 or overhead cam. As if that wasn't enough, we have included a DVD that contains more than 3.5 hours of instruction, with interactive features, source guides, machine shop information, and more. For the first-timer or veteran engine builder, this must-have volume will save you time and money and help prevent costly mistakes. Softbound - 144 pages

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